Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pest control

Pests are a common problem, especially in a city. It was not unusual that we had roach traps and mouse traps placed around the lab.

But not every lab has squirrels.


Doktah said...

The squirrels (one of which I might add, took to eating the cookies I left on my desk, and would be quite indignant if I attempted to shoo it away before it was done) were not so bad. We would often joke that they could be used to try out our newest lab discoveries instead of paying for real animal studies. Then we would all laugh, even the P.I. But he would laugh in that nervous, shifty-eyed, uncomfortable way. Soon the squirrels were all gone... or meybe they had changed into something else or grown wings, we don't know.

But the bugs were the worst. Mainly because squirrels can be cute and cuddly (unless you really wanted that cookie) and bugs were gross. As one of the few people in the lab who did NOT scream and jump on a chair when a bug was visible, I often took to dispatching of said insects. It's funny to me how such rational, well educated individuals can completely convince themselves that a daddy-long-legs could spit lethal venom into your eyes unless you elevate yourself by a few feet. Maybe the "world's greatest killing machines" could also fly onto your face before chewing off your head. IT'S JUST A BUG!

Leah Lar said...

This post - the mere mention of "squirrel" - was responsible for my having this extremely bizarre dream last night that there were racoons in my apartment. It wasn't really my apartment, and they weren't really racoons either. They were about the size of mice - and I said to someone "There are mice in my apartment!" and someone said "No, look closer - they are not mice!" so I did, and someone said "They are actually miniature squirrels!" and I said "But no! The tails do not look like squirrel tails... what could they be... oh! Obviously they are those two-inch-long racoons! Gross!"

That was the whole dream. Thanks, man.