Monday, March 07, 2005

No cable here

This isn't about grad school, but I couldn't resist making fun of my friend Leah Lar. The Husband and I went to visit Leah Lar this weekend in New York. I asked her if she ever watches a show that originally aired on HBO, but is currently playing on TBS. Leah Lar said, "We don't have cable."

Meanwhile, her roommate was watching a movie on IFC, the Indpendent Film Channel. And I know that Leah Lar herself watches MTV pretty much exclusively.

I asked her if she understands what cable actually is. Because we didn't have cable when I was growing up, and I can tell you that MTV and IFC do not show up on regular TV. Hell, The Husband and I have cable now, but we don't get IFC!

Oh, I also didn't have cable in grad school. So there you go, a connection to the actual subject of this blog. What a hardship-filled life I have led.

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