Monday, May 16, 2005

You need a Ph.D. to do this right!


I am a moron

Sister #2 always treats herself to a manicure when she goes to a wedding. This struck me as a fine policy, so I decided to treat myself and Leah Lar to manicures on Saturday for N’s wedding. This was only my second professional manicure ever, the first one being for my own wedding.

Everything went swimmingly until I was sitting with my hands under the UV/fan dryer thingy. We were on a tight schedule, and I felt that my right thumb wasn’t getting the full drying effect of the fan. I tried to reposition my hand, and promptly jabbed my right thumbnail with my left hand, completely destroying the polish on my right thumb. My manicurist was very nice about it, and fixed it handily. When I sat back at the dryer thingy, I was full of promises to be very careful. Two seconds later, I scraped my freshly polished right thumbnail against the top of the dryer thingy while trying to reposition my hand for more effective drying.

So it’s probably a good thing I don’t get manicures often.

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