Monday, May 08, 2006


The other night I had a the spookiest dream I’ve ever had. It was very vivid, very lucid, and I when I woke up I had to turn the light on and read for a while before I could go back to sleep. In the dream, I was one of a group of about four people trying to rid a house of evil spirits. In an effort to get more information, we summoned the spirit of what turned out to be a young woman. Her spirit was trapped in the bricks of the fireplace, and when we summoned her, the shadows on the bricks swirled around and formed themselves into the silhouette of a woman in a chair. The spirit told us she had been trapped in the bricks by the evil spirits haunting the house, and that she knew how to help us, but she would only speak to one person from our group, alone. We weren’t sure we trusted her, and said forget it. Instead, we decided to free her. There was some sort of dream-logic to this plan that I no longer understand.

So we all chanted something scary, and it freed her and a male spirit, who seemed to be her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend stood before us, thanked us for freeing them, and told us that there were two other spirits in the house that were evil. They told us we had to trap the other two spirits in the fireplace bricks in order to save ourselves. At that point, the other two spirits appeared before us and told us that no, the ones we just freed were the evil ones.

We had about thirty seconds to decide whom to believe, and we ended up chanting some other scary thing which trapped the second set of spirits in the fireplace bricks. And then woman we had freed laughed, grinned an evil grin, and said, “You picked a beautiful way to die.” And then I woke up.

As I said, I had to turn the light on and read for awhile in order to shake off the dream, because it really freaked me out, and I was afraid to go back to sleep, afraid that I’d fall back into that dream and get killed by the evil woman. When I finally did go back to sleep, my subconscious apparently decided to cut me a little slack, because my next dream was about buying mops.

That was it. That was the whole dream. I was at Target, buying a mop. I spent some time picking out the mop. I noticed that a similar mop had a broken head, so I brought both mops to the cashier. I waited in line. When it was my turn, I had an extended conversation with the cashier about the broken mop, and how I didn’t want to buy it, I was just bringing it to the store’s attention. I believe I woke up before I actually managed to buy the mop, but this dream was just about the most mundane, boring dream I’ve ever had in my life. There was nothing surreal about it, unless you count the fact that the Target in my dream was laid out differently than the real Target. The mops were where the handbags are. Also, the mop I bought was made of Mr. Clean Magic EraserTM, and I don’t believe such a mop exists (although it should).

My analysis of the dreams: I’ve been watching too much Supernatural, and I have a latent yearning for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop.


Banalities said...

If you change the first dream into second-person-present -- And then woman you freed laughs, grinning an evil grin, and says, "You picked a beautiful way to die." -- it totally sounds like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.

(I still remember my favorite ending from a CYOA my brother bought from one of Scholastic book order things, Exiled to Earth: "Bullets? What are bullets? you wonder aloud. It's the last question you will ever ask.")

Anonymous said...

I have a great fondness for scary tales that revolve around the fireplace--a very evocative location. Though you had to suffer a bit--I too often have nightmares that force the lights on--it made for great blog reading--at least to this professional horror writer/editor. (High School Tennis Pal)

Mo said...

Banalities, you are right. It definitely does sound like a CYOA book. We owned one, which I read many times, and the only ending I remember is "...but the pfft of the silencer ends it for you."