Monday, August 13, 2007

Mama? I know not this, "Mama."

Attention, Internet! Achtung! Achtung!*

Jack can say "clock." Granted, it is a distorted version of "clock" that is closer to "cok" and occasionally just "kuh," but he consistently identified the kitchen clock as a "kuh" or "cok" many times this afternoon. And I successfully recorded it as proof. He also unfailingly pointed to the clock when asked where the clock was. Whether this will continue after he wakes up from his nap is unknown, because he no longer raises his hand and squeals when I ask him who the best baby is even though he seemed to have that down last week.

This clock thing is interesting for a couple of reasons. The most significant is that I feel like I've only told him what the clock is a few times, whereas I am constantly telling him what the fan is, but he can't say fan and is also unsure of the proper response when I ask him where it is. The other interesting reason is that he knows where the clock is, and he knows where daddy is (provided he's in the room), and he recognizes the SIGN for "daddy," but the syllables "mama" have no meaning for him WHATSOEVER.

Here's how it goes in our house. "Jack, where's the clock?" (points to clock, possibly says "cok.")

"Where's daddy?" (looks over at The Husband)

"Where's the fan?" (gets expression on his face indicating that he feels he should know this one, the fan, the fan, it's somewhere in the room...)

"Where's mama?" (blank stare)


*As I was writing this entry, I had a flashback to the summer I interned at a chemical company in Germany even though I don't speak German. Every Friday there was a test of the emergency alert system, and there would be a alarm followed by a woman's voice calmly saying, "Achtung, achtung. Sprechen ziety scmesty oiken. Blah blah blahbitten blechen." Except the part after "Achtung" probably wasn't spelled like that and didn't even sound like that and was apparently some sort of instruction about how to get out of the building**. Or something.

**In an orderly manner, undoubtedly. I was in Germany.


Maggie said...

Hee. Is 'clock' Jack's first word? What does that mean? (Mine were "all done" which is so terribly embarrassing.)

And I can TOTALLY hear what the announcer was saying, even if you spelled it wrong and are probably making it up. :) Those silly orderly Germans.

Emily said...


This is because you? You spend your day talking to him about Daddy. And The Husband? If he is anything like MY husband, never remembers to try to teach the baby anything when he is home. And it is hard to teach the baby who YOU are since pointing at yourself is difficult.

Asher knows where the fan is, and who Bones is, and who Daddy is... but me? He cannot identify me necessarily but everyone else is quick to throw him at me since all he does when we're apart lately is CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY.

Anonymous said...

Elfin Nephew was able to say duck, dog, Daddy, Dad, Dada, Papa, Helen (Ha) Shelagh (Shay), Maura (the less flattering (Uh), Kitty (Tee), No, all done, and many many more all before uttering any word that remotely sounded like Mommy, or Mama which finally came around 21 months.

And the "F" sound is a hard one.

Sis #4

Anonymous said...

I feel a new connection with Jack as my first word ever was "clock." Weird.

- Leah Lar