Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bananas and crepes

Food carts were ubiquitous at my graduate school, and pretty much every cluster of carts had at least one fruit cart. The fruit carts were second only to the crepe cart in deliciousness and value. Bananas were only 25 cents, and I bought one from the fruit cart almost daily.

When I went to lunch with The Doktah, I developed the habit of holding the banana to my ear, as though it were stuck in my ear, a la Ernie and Bert. The Doktah would say, “Hey, Mo, you have a banana in your ear!”

I would say, “What?”

“You have a banana in your ear!”


And so on, until the inevitable, “I can’t year you, I have a banana in my ear.” I would do this regardless of how many people were nearby.

Speaking of the crepe truck, which I was in the first paragraph, the crepe truck was a phenomenon on campus. The line at lunchtime was always a steady state of 10-15 people. But the crepes were worth the wait. Eventually, the crepe truck opened a store in the campus center that stayed open after all the food trucks were gone for the day. So one time, The Doktah and I were in the food court on campus where there was an imposter crepe restaurant. We were trying to decide what kind of food court food to get, when I saw the crepe place, without thinking I said, “Ooo! Let’s go get real crepes!”

I said this really really loudly, directly in front of the crepe store.

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