Thursday, September 29, 2005

And her heart grew three sizes that day

So there’s one thing about The Doktah that I made not have made clear on this blog. The Doktah is a bit of a crank. She hates fairy tales and love stories. She loathes romantic comedies and she doesn’t like to read fiction. Her favorite movie genre is horror. Bad, slasher horror.

But while we were on our infamous trip to San Francisco, we decided to go to a movie. Unfortunately for The Doktah, there were no slasher flicks playing. The pickings were pretty slim all around, actually, but we were determined to go see a movie. It was a weeknight! We were living it up! We were going to the movies if it killed us!

We ended up settling on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We had both been skeptical of this movie because it’s a dangerous thing to mess with a classic like the Grinch, but The Doktah was particularly reluctant to see it given her own tendency towards grinchiness. She was afraid she’d be sickened by the sweet nature of the film, but, given the alternatives, we agreed

At the end of the movie, when the Grinch and his extra-large heart is singing with the Whos in Whoville, I glanced over to The Doktah and saw a tear rolling down her cheek. Her heart, it had broken the measuring device.


Joshua said...

I love your blog. I just quit gradschool about six months ago and I find that your bitterness, apathy, and suck curves are dead on. I laughed so hard that I cried and people came to my office to check on me. Also, the units of "suck" are brilliant. Reading your blog is like getting hooked on a sitcom. I actually feel like I know the Doktah. lol You do such an excellent job of setting the scene and defining the personalities of your colleagues. Your blog is a daily must-read. Keep it up!

-Josh H.

Mo said...

Aw, shucks. I'm blushing.

Banalities said...

Does The Doktah like 'Princess Bride'? Because that's a fairy tale and a love story and an adventure and a mystery and a comedy. And it's good.

Doktah said...

I do like the Princess Bride, because it is a "kissing story" but it mocks itself. Much like I let myself be mocked... every week.
-the doktah