Monday, October 10, 2005

Speaking of the movies

We got to the theater in time to see the hateful ads that come before the previews. The first ad was for the movie theater itself. The commercial depicted a boy about 13 years old on a date with a girl. His mom dropped them off at the theater and he used gift certificates to buy two tickets, two large popcorns, and two large Cokes. As he made each purchase, the girl looked at him with growing admiration in her eyes. He impressed her so much, in fact, that when the lights went down in the theater she leaned as if to start kissing him.

The Doktah and I watched this with our mouths hanging open in shock. When it was over, I leaned over and asked The Doktah in a whisper, “Did that commercial just suggest to thirteen-year-old boys that if they take a girl to the movies they’ll get lucky?”

All she could do was nod.


Doktah said...

Actually, I believe the movie ad was implying that if you are a 13-year-old boy and you take a girl to the movies AND buy her popcorn and a drink you seal the deal. For me, it was the smarmy look on the boy's face as the lights went down as to say "yeah, I'm a playah, and with movie gift certificates, you could be a playah too". It still creeps me out.

Mo said...

Yes, I, too, remain traumatized. I still worry that the ad will be played every time I go to the movies.