Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey, it works!

Most days, I rode my bike to and from the lab. And because I lived in a tiny house in the city, my housemate and I stored our bikes on a handy dandy pole just inside the front door. The downside was that the bikes were in the living room, but the upside was that our bikes were still in the living room every morning, and not stolen and sold for scrap.

My usual technique for leaving the house was to get completely ready to leave, from coat to backpack to bike helmet, and then heave my bike down from the pole and head out. This was not always easy, as the front door was abnormally narrow and there were three narrow steps to navigate. One morning, as I was maneuvering my bike through front door, I tripped and whacked my head on the wall. But it didn’t hurt, because I was wearing my helmet!

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