Monday, October 09, 2006

Trump card

On Saturday, The Husband and I tried to go to our last birthing class, but it turned out we had the wrong Saturday. We’re sort of scatterbrained lately, can’t imagine why. At any rate, as we were leaving the hospital, The Husband said, “Well now I can get a head start on all that stuff I need to get done. I think I’ll start with mowing the lawn.”

“I think I’ll start with putting my feet up,” I replied. Because, you see, I’ve decided to begin playing my “Nine Months Pregnant” card. Until now, I think I’ve done fairly well with holding that card back and doing the chores that I have been capable of doing: laundry, baseboard-painting, shopping, nursery-setting-up-ing, etc. But on Saturday, I suddenly felt about two months more pregnant than I was on Friday, and I just couldn’t face the idea of chores of any kind.

“Oh, the ‘Nine Months Pregnant’ card?” said The Husband. “So maybe I should make you some index cards that say ‘Nine Months Pregnant’ and you can whip them out whenever something needs to be done?”

“That sounds fine,” I said, “as long as you know that I still get to keep the card after I’ve played it.”

“I can play my ‘I Built a Bathroom’ card, though, right?” asked The Husband.

“Sure, but whatever card you try to play, it will be beaten by the ‘Nine Months Pregnant’ card,” I replied. “When you can build a person, you get back to me.”

So I spent the day largely – no pun intended – on the couch. I did manage to put together the shelves that we are going to hang in the bathroom, and I think I washed some diapers. I didn’t fold them or anything, though, because that would have involved effort. Otherwise, I watched some TV and took a nap.

Interesting thing: During my nap, I let out two sudden snorey snorts. I know this, because each time, I woke myself up. In case that is not clear, let me say it again: I woke myself up with my own snores. Apparently, I’ve been snoring a lot lately, but The Husband has been kindly keeping this information to himself. We think it’s because of the pregnancy-induced increased blood flow that has caused my blood vessels to constrict my nasal passages. I’m sure I’ll return to my natural, ladylike self after the baby is born.

Yeah, that “Nine Months Pregnant” card comes in handy.


Emily said...

I have been informed that I have begun snoring as well. Thankfully, Dave has been relatively sweet about the situation and has gone downstairs and slept on the couch rather than poke me awake to ask me to cut it out. Still, I always prided myself on being a lovely, quiet sleeper. Even though that is such a dorky thing to be proud of.

Katie said...


Thank you not only for the informative statistics on Emily's blog but for providing me with two hours of fun at work while reading your blog (yes, two hours. It was accidental non-productivity and has nothing to do with the fact that my vacation is 1/2 weeks away and is causing Motivation Problems). I was not a science grad student but Art Historians are similarly geeky in special Art Historical ways, and grad school for that is just as delightfully insane.

On a side note, I am not pregnant but there have been times when my husband has gleefully informed me that I snored throughout the night. He, however, is a vicious liar.


Maggie said...

"when you can build a PERSON"... hee! (And I was freaking out for a while- DID SHE HAVE THE BABY- because my bloglines was not updating your blog! Ack!)