Monday, June 25, 2007


Remember how I claimed that five new teeth came in? It turns out that was not exactly true. First of all, I did not actually mean to suggest that five new teeth were coming in all at once; I meant that three new teeth were trying to join their two brethren. But even if I had made clear the actual number of teeth making an appearance and had not inadvertently implied that I am rearing some kind of mutant five-tooth-spurting… uh… tooth spurter, I still would have been misleading you. Because as it turns out, there weren’t any new teeth.

There are now, though. We have a confirmed new tooth sighting on the upper gum area. It looks like a canine is erupting, and I just now suddenly realized that this will make Jack look like a small vampire.

I hope the other canine is the next tooth to show up.


Allyson said...

I know this feeling...that's the, "Surely these things must be coming in now. He's been sweaty and clingy and a little more high-needs than usual. And, Hey! Aren't his gums bulging quite a bit". Then all of a sudden, you're surprised to see there is actually a tooth. Do you have pictures? Do you do that? A baby vampire would be fun to see :)

Mo said...

I don't post pictures of Jack here because I am afraid of the internet freaks. Sorry. And y'all are really missing out, because he is one cute kid. Trust me, it's very difficult to restrain myself when I know that if I were to post a picture, I would be flooded with admiring comments about just how unbelievably adorable he is. 'Cause he is.

In other news, that "confirmed" tooth has vanished into the ether. I'm starting to think he'll be doomed to a life with only two bottom teeth.