Monday, June 04, 2007

“Tough beans” is a legitimate expression

I know that it is considered gauche to post an excuse about lack of posts. Tough beans.

Top three reasons I have not been posting much lately and won’t be posting much until two weeks from now:

1. I suddenly have to prepare a talk on the stuff I did in grad school. And I have to start by finding out what, exactly, I did in grad school. I haven’t looked at that stuff in three years, and I swear someone else wrote it. Did I really know all of that? Man, I used to be smart.

2. For reasons that remain unclear, The Husband decided last week that the entryway landing needed to painted right now. I am not complaining about this, as our entryway is so ugly that I feel embarrassed when people see it for the first time, but I do have to wonder, why now? Really? Right now? When I have a presentation to work on? It’s been hideously ugly for two and a half years, we couldn’t have waited another two weeks?

At any rate, my free time that is not occupied by relearning what I used to know has to be spent – God help me – painting, because I will not live for weeks with furniture scattered all over the apartment. I’ve done that before, and it is not fun. The good news is that the paint, which we chose and bought two years ago, is quite lovely. The lesson here is that I should not be allowed to choose paint by myself but together, The Husband and I can pick a good color.

3. Five new teeth. The end.

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Emily said...

Geez. Can Jack spare a tooth or two? Asher could use one.