Saturday, July 21, 2007


At least, that's the spell I'd like to use on myself until I get a chance to finish HP7. The Husband and I got to go see Order of the Phoenix last Monday night*, and during the movie I realized that I have forgotten many things and must re-read HP6 before I can read HP7. I'm only a quarter of the way through it. (If I could hold it open with one hand, I'd be much farther along because I'd be able to read it while nursing, but such is life.)

So I'm asking the internet as a whole to please refrain from posting anything about the last book before I have time to finish it. That would be great, thanks.

*At first we couldn't find a babysitter, but then Father-in-law volunteered to drive to our house after work and sit for free while The Husband and I went to the movies with Leah Lar and D and then went for ice cream afterwards. Jack was awake when we left, asleep when we got home, and stayed asleep until 6 the next morning. It was AWESOME.

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Maggie said...

I read the whole thing. Today. Half of it with one hand while I, yes, nursed the baby. I AM THAT DEVOTED.

Totally worth it. Oh, and it'd be okay to not reread I think. I was halfway through #5 (after I saw the movie and realized I didn't remember ANYTHING) by the time I started #7. I only read #6 once, but I listened to it twice over the last year. Have you tried the books on tape? So not my thing, but the guy who reads them is amazing.