Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Breaking news

I thought you should know, dear Internet, that today I took Jack to the shoe store to buy him his first pair of shoes. He needs them because he spends much more time walking than crawling these days.

Let that sink in.

Also let sink in the fact that his shoes cost me forty-six dollars, and they are only going to fit him for five minutes. It's a crying shame that the hand-me-down sneakers from Elfin Nephew make Jack fall down.

In an unrelated note, today is apparently delurking day. I am late, very late, to the party with this, but if you're lurking, come out and leave a comment!


Brian said...

$46 dollars! Where did you buy them?

Emma said...

Holy cow! My shoes don't even cost that much!

But I bet they're much cuter than my size 8 shoes.

sis-in-law said...

Yup, feel your pain... our little one's cost $44 and they still cause little red marks on her chunky little feet, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Target shoes are the best!!!