Thursday, June 09, 2005

Did you lose something?

The Husband requested that I tell you I found that random scrap of paper on which I had written a blog idea. You know, the one I told you he lost? Yeah, I found it in my purse.

It reminds me of the time that The Doktah lost an important piece of paper that had info about dissociation constants or something. “Do you still have that paper you borrowed from me?” she asked me.

“I gave it back to you,” I said. “Why, did you lose it?” I was kind of enjoying her consternation. Not long before this, The Doktah had been making fun of me for losing things all the time. She never loses anything; she is far too organized. But for me, things just… go away, and I don’t have them anymore.

That’s typically how I’ll notice things are missing, too. It suddenly occurs to me that, hey, I used to have blank. I wonder where blank is? And although I lose normal things like umbrellas and pens, I also lose things that people shouldn’t lose, like clothes. I once found a picture of myself in a shirt that I was quite fond of, and realized I hadn’t seen it in some time. A shirt! Where did I lose a shirt? It makes no sense. When I was moving out of the house I lived in as an undergrad, I couldn’t find my winter coat anywhere. I had simply vanished. Poof! Gone.

I have been known to lose a glove within one hour of purchase. In college, I spent a few weeks wearing a glove on my right hand and a mitten on my left. I looked like an idiot, but the others were missing, and it was cold and I was poor and I couldn’t buy myself a new pair of gloves every ten minutes! I was just grateful that I had something for both hands.

So yes, I found myself enjoying Miss I-Never-Lose-Anything’s search for her lost paper. “Oh, you lost it?” I teased. “I thought you never lose things!”

We found it eventually.

On my desk.

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Doktah said...

I think that this story needs to be told in its entirety. See, I had a piece of paper with all of my important work phone numbers on it. The phone number for the microscope repair and order person. The phone number for the business office. The secret line to Commissioner Gordon. Etc. People would try to borrow the paper, but I knew it's importance so I would not let them. They could SEE the paper and copy down the number they wanted, but the paper stayed on my desk. Then one day, it was gone. And oh how the Blogger did make fun of me. "Why have all those numbers on one paper? That's silly, because you could lose it." she would taunt. "I would never do something so foolish." I hung my head because I knew I must have lost it. Everyone knew my policy on the paper. Then a few days later the paper reappeared on the Blogger's desk.... Next to a giant pile of crow with a fork...