Friday, June 24, 2005

More tales from DD

Since EditorKit posted that comment about her experience with Dunkin' Donuts, I have to add the rest of my stories. Because I, too, have come to the conclusion that everyone who works at Dunkin' Donuts is a moron.

At another DD in my grad school city, I ordered a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar. The guy put a lot of cream in it. Normally, I just accept fate and deal with however the coffee arrives, but it was so much cream that the coffee was actually making me feel ill. It was less of an iced coffee and more of an iced cream, with a splash of coffee. It was undrinkable. So I actually walked back to the store and asked for another one, with less cream. "You filled it with cream all the way to that line on the bottom of the cup last time, and it was way too much. I can't drink it," I said. The guy apologized and started to make me a fresh one. I watched him put the cream in, and I had to shout, "Stop! Stop! That's enough!" because he was filling it all the way to the line again. The second one was also too creamy, but was at least drinkable.

At the DD in the train station, I ordered a bagel with cream cheese. There were no more little cream cheese packs in the fridge under the counter, so the guy went into the back to get more. Then, as I stood there waiting for my cream cheese, having already paid, he started to restock the fridge. "Um, can I have one of those?" I asked him. He gave me a look like I had just appeared from nowhere asking for free cream cheese, and reluctantly pushed one of them across the counter to me.

Finally, after Pixie Niece's First Communion, Big Sister #1 (aka EditorKit) asked me to get 18 bagels on the way from the church to her house. So I stopped off at a DD, and ordered a dozen and a half bagels. Well. This completely flummoxed the service girl. "How many bagels?" she said.

"A dozen and a half."

"A half dozen?" she asked.

"No," I said. "A dozen and a half. Eighteen. I want eighteen bagels."

"That's a lot of bagels," she said. She seemed to think that she wasn't allowed to sell so many bagels to just one person.

"They're not all for me," I told her.

She glanced around as if looking for a manager to check the protocol for such a large bagel order, and then, very reluctantly, started to put bagels into a bag.

EditorKit: Was that the same DD from your story?


Anonymous said...

Grad Student Girl (not sure what your secret name is and I don't wish to reveal your identity to the no doubt irate donut community reading your blog), I thinkith you be-ith a little too harsh-ith on the employees of DD. Honestly, the folks at the Holbrook DD have always been fine, excepting one lady, who in the eighties terrified me and my sister with her harsh tone and donut squeezing remarks. I think the question is, would you save DD if there were only 50 good people there? If only 10? If only 5? If only 1? I would, because I need someone to serve me up a Butternut Donut and an iced coffee w/ MILK, just as soon as I get to Boston, because in Montana, you can't get DD. W/ affection, High School Tennis Partner (is that a suitable moniker?).

Mo said...

It tookith me a remarkably long time to figureith out who you areith, Tennis Partner. Perhapsith because it is so lateith. It's funny, because I read your comment and thought, "Huh, that's funny, High School Tennis Partner used to live in Holbrook. I wonder who this commenter is?" Anyway, I can't help it if employee after employee at many different DDs were so incompetent. Perhaps they switched to the tag-team policy of ordering after you moved. But yes, I would save DD if there were zero good employees, because where else would I get my French vanilla iced coffee? Or my coconut iced coffee? Which is new this summer. I feel for you in your DD-less state.

Anonymous said...

Grad Student Girl, Your DD regimin does concern me. And: do you have KK in your area? I'll drive three hours to Spokane, WA, for a dozen KK donuts, and those, my dear, are sinister donuts. I fear moving to a local where I can just pop into a KK to satisfy a whim. Yours, High School Tennis Partner
P.S. Are there OTHER high school tennis partners I should know about?

Mo said...

Tennis Partner, I do not know of any KK shops around here, but you can get KK donuts in the grocery store. Me, I don't like KK donuts. They were quite a disappointment when I tried one for the first time. They're too dense for my taste. And no, you're the only high school tennis partner. I was just remarkably slow-witted last night.

Anonymous said...

Mo, When you go to a real KK they make the donuts there, right in front of you, and when the "hot" light is on in front of the store they give you donuts right from the donut-making machine. For free. It's only then that you can judge KK. Only then, my dear. --Tennis Partner.

jancy said...

Dude! The people at DD are TOTAL MORONS. They literally BARK at you from behind that counter.