Friday, August 05, 2005

You walked from where?

We moved into our new house last weekend, and The Husband's great-aunt and cousin stopped by. It turns out we now live about a mile from her house. During the course of the conversation, Great-aunt said, "We used to walk here from Somerville every day!"

Now, Somerville is approximately 30 miles from where we now live, so I found this pronouncement rather astounding. "Somerville?" I said.

"Yes! There were no cars then! We had to walk!" she replied.

"But, from Somerville? That's pretty far," I said again.

"Yes. We did what we had to," she told me, apparently thinking I was a typical lazy young'un.

I couldn't believe she really walked from Somerville every day. If she said a town that was five miles away, I would have believed her. But 30 miles? I turned to the cousin and said, "She is saying that they used to walk here from Somerville every day."

"What?" he said? "No, Centerville." Centerville is a neighborhood of my new city about 2 miles away. That I can accept.

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