Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Careful, that last step is a doozie

For Christmas one year, I gave The Doktah soft, fuzzy socks. I’m talking soft, here. These socks called out to be petted. The Doktah was thrilled to get them, because who wouldn’t want soft, soft, fuzzy socks? And even better, at the time, The Doktah was living in an old house with a front hall that featured a highly polished hardwood floor.

So after work on the day I gave her the socks, she rushed home and ran up to her bedroom to put them on. She couldn’t wait to go sliding in the front hall. With the new, soft and fuzzy socks on her feet, she ran down the stairs to the hall.

Unfortunately for The Doktah, the stairs also featured a highly polished hardwood floor.

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