Friday, October 21, 2005

Whudduz this do?

There was a pipe sticking out of the wall over my desk in the lab. It had a valve, but it was capped, and we had no idea where it led. One day during the lab remodeling, some construction guys came over to examine the pipe.

"Where does this come from?" they asked. "Is it connected to anything?"

"No idea," The Doktah told them. "We've always just ignored it."

"Hmmm," they said. Then, in the research-oriented spirit of the lab, they decided to test whether the pipe was hooked up to any plumbing. They did this by prying off the cap and turning on the valve. That's when gallons of brown, cruddy water spurted out all over my desk. Turns out, it was connected to the plumbing.

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