Monday, November 13, 2006

Baby mysteries

How is it that one tiny person can manage to strew so much stuff around the house? He doesn’t even play with toys yet, but somehow, his stuff is EVERYWHERE. Particularly the selection of places for him to lie down. Places he doesn’t actually use that often because he really likes to be held, and, let’s face it, we really like to hold him.

At least we haven’t had to set up the Pack ‘N’ Play which is fairly huge and would take up the remaining six square feet of space in our living room not yet occupied by the bouncy seat, the swing, and the Moses basket. (I’ve been leaving the bassinet in the bedroom.)

He also generates an enormous amount of laundry. The volume of laundry is particularly impressive given the tininess of his clothes. That’s a lot of tiny clothes. And they are usually strewn about the house.

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