Friday, December 01, 2006

An ounce of prevention

This morning, The Husband asked me to please wake him up when I feed Jack from now on. This is because last night, for the second time, The Husband accused me of putting Jack back to sleep without feeding him. He woke up and saw me swaddling Jack up to get him ready to put to bed, and said, “Did you feed him?”

It had been over three hours since the last time I fed him and I get increasingly weary with each nighttime feeding, so there was more than a little testiness in my tone when I snapped, “Yes, The Husband, I fed him.” But who wouldn’t be at least marginally insulted by the implication that they are using the “starve the baby back to sleep” method of child rearing?

Thus, The Husband’s request that I wake him up whenever I feed Jack from now on. He is attempting to avoid a future incident wherein I completely lose my temper at being accused of starving my child. The Husband does not like it when I lose my temper. Because I so rarely get angry (Confidential to The Doktah: Shut it.), he once told me that being the recipient of my wrath is “like being savaged by a chipmunk.”

The good news is that I don’t have to shoot him death looks anymore.

This post has been brought to you by Emily, who is an Internet Rock Star and linked to me again! So I had to write something new for her legions of fans who are checking me out. Hi, Emily’s readers!


Patty said...

Seriously? Let me know when Andrew tells you to stop doing that. I give it a week of broken sleep nights. It's one thing when you are sleep deprived and can stay in your pajamas until noon. It's another when you have to go out and act like you are competent enough to shoot lazers or whatever it is he does.

sis in law said...

Okay, so am late on reading this one but have to guess that this didn't last. Yes? Or is The Husband going for Hubby / Dad of the Year?

Incidently your brother would LOVE if I neglected to wake him every time the little one wants to eat... but my feeling is that if I have to be up, so does he. (if only for the 2 minutes it takes to go get her, bring her to me, and fall fast asleep)

Not very charitable, huh? Oh well.