Friday, December 22, 2006

Way up north where the air gets cold

For me, the Christmas season doesn’t begin until I’ve listened to John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. I never saw the TV special, but we had the record when I was growing up and all six of us kids loved it. We played it over and over all through the month of December. My favorite song by far was The Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick” as covered by The Electric Mayhem.

When I was in high school our record player broke and I was forced to buy a cassette tape. But my car is too new to have a tape deck, so last year when I saw the CD for only $8, I snagged it.

It took me a while to notice, but one day I realized that I did not remember hearing “Little Saint Nick.” “I must have just missed it,” I thought to myself, but then I checked the song list.

“What the hell?” I said aloud.

“What?” The Husband responded.

“‘Little Saint Nick’ isn’t on the CD!” I cried. “I don’t understand it! Why would they take that off? That was the best song!” Sadly, I had to finish out the Christmas season without ever hearing the best Christmas song ever.

And yesterday, as I listened to my amputated album in the car, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t heard “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with John Denver and Rowlf. I checked the album cover to make sure. “Well, dammit!” I shouted. And “When the River Meets the Sea” was gone too!

What had they done to my beloved John Denver and the Muppets? Why were they removing songs? And if they had to remove songs, why didn’t they take the annoying one about Alfie the Christmas Tree?

So when I found the “Collector’s Edition” of the album with “Extra Tracks” on Amazon, I bought it. Again. Hopefully, this is the last time I’ll have to buy this particular album.

“Extra” tracks my left foot. Hmph. If they were so “extra,” how come I already know all times that Animal shouts “RUN! RUN RUN REINDEER!”

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