Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank heavens it dried darker than it looked in the can

I have copied all the pictures we have so far of the Bathroom Remodel to my computer and I will start posting them soon as a way to keep you tantalized. We got the bathroom walls painted over the weekend and the light fixtures installed last night. The rest of the bathroom (and hopefully pantry) woodwork will be installed tonight and we’ll probably paint it over the weekend. We’ll spend the next three nights sealing the grout, and the plumbers are coming next Tuesday to do the finish work. Woo! (Aside: How pathetic am I that I just wrote the sentence, “We’ll spend the next three nights sealing the grout”? Homeownership: The glamour never ends.) So the bathroom half of the remodel should be done by next Tuesday evening. The pantry will take a bit longer, but at this point, I don’t care. So what if our cabinets are freestanding on the floor? We’ll be able to take showers!

But before I posted the pictures I felt I should warn you. The new bathroom walls are very… pink. A bit pinker than I really anticipated, to be perfectly honest. We love our shower curtain, which is blue with pink, yellow, and purple flowers, so we wanted the walls to complement it. Yellow, an obvious choice, was out because the kitchen is going to be yellow and that would have been too much yellow. Ditto on the purple, which is what we plan to paint our bedroom. That left blue or pink. We (OK, I) thought that because the base color of the curtain is blue, painting the walls blue would have been too much. So we were stuck with pink.

We tried to pick a subtle, salmon-y pink, and I think we were fairly successful, but, well, it’s just really pink in there. It’s a nice pink, but there is no escaping the pinkness.

It’s far too late to change it now, so we’re stuck with a pink bathroom at least until the rest of the apartment gets painted. I’m hoping that the shower curtain, when hung, will take the edge off the pink. The washer, dryer, vanity, and some stuff on the walls will help diffuse the color too. In the meantime, I just keep telling myself that it’s a nice pink.

It’s a nice pink. Really.

Confidential to The Doktah: Any cracks about the Easter Bunny living in our house will result in a beating being administered.


Doktah said...

I was tempted to make an Easter Bunny comment, but I just feel so bad that a dude (The Husband) has to get ready in a pink bathroom every morning, that I have nothing to say. Well, of course suggest that he have frilly bath robe and some pretty flowered slippers... and then scream "uncle" until he takes me out of that arm lock.

Mo said...

But it's a nice pink!

But when we opened the paint cans both of us were a bit stunned. "That sure is pink," I said. We painted the ceiling first, which is 50% saturation of the color, and while it was wet it was such a sickly, candy pink that we were both so relieved when it dried darker that even The Husband doesn't mind what we have as much.

I do kind of wish we went with blue or green, though. Oh well.