Sunday, September 09, 2007

She does notice when the sink is dirty though, unlike SOME PARTIES I COULD MENTION

Big Sister #4's faucets leak. They've leaked for as long as they've owned the house, as far as I can remember, and she and Brother-in-law #4 have decided that enough is enough, they are going to replace the leaky faucets. So they've asked The Husband to do it. The Husband is kind of the go-to guy for technical support and home repair in my family. I know, technical support AND home repair. And he's not into sports! I hit the jackpot with this one, my friends. He does like anime, though, so you can't have everything.


So I informed The Husband that he would be installing a new kitchen faucet and a new bathroom faucets at Big Sister #4's house as soon as she got around to actually purchasing the new hardware. "That's an easy job, though, right?" I asked The Husband.

"Sure," he said, "as long as whoever put in the old one didn't do anything stupid, like solder the pipes together."

"Oh, yeah, that would stink," I replied. "I hope they didn't."

"Well, Big Sister #4 would have noticed, right?" asked The Husband. I gave him a puzzled look. "But wasn't she shutting the water off under the sink?" he said. "She would have seen if the pipes were soldered together."

"Um," I said, wondering how to break this to him. Frankly, I was impressed that Big Sister #4 even knew how to turn the water off under the sink.

"Oh, I understand," he said, the light dawning. "I guess she was too busy thinking about SportsCenter to notice the pipes, huh."

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Heather said...

I also lucked out in the same way with my husband. Except, he likes fantasy sports (he's a little obsessed). He only watches the real sports occasionally to check and see how his fantasy leagues is going.