Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby book what now?

I was in a Hallmark store yesterday and I saw a lot of baby books, baby calendars and other accoutrements for recording your child’s milestones. But I did not buy one. Not, as you might think, because I already have one; I do not. I did not buy one because I know that I would not use it. Not even the kind that’s just a calendar with helpful stickers describing things like “First tooth” and “Doctor visit.”

But I was thinking about it, and have come to the conclusion that it is not because I am an lazy, unsentimental person that I am not using a baby book. No, it is because I am thoughtful. You see, as the youngest of six kids, my own personal babyhood went largely unrecorded. There are about four pictures of me before the age of three. Big Sister #1, on the other hand, has approximately four thousand pictures, and that’s just of her first two months.

I certainly understand the reason for this. Frankly, it’s a miracle my mother survived at all with six kids running around, never mind having to stop to write down what day it was when kid #5 lost her first tooth. Nevertheless, I did feel a teensy bit left out when I was growing up.*

Thus, by not keeping a baby book for Jack, I am not just being lazy. No, I am taking into consideration the potentially sensitive feelings of my hypothetical future children for whom I will have no time to keep baby books. Yeah! That’s what I’m doing.

Not lazy and unsentimental. Thoughtful. Yeah.

*Confidential to my mom: Speaking of sensitive feelings, this entry should in no way make you feel the slightest bit guilty. You are the best mom ever and I would not change a single thing about my childhood. I could not have felt more loved and cherished growing up, so rest easy.


EditorKat said...

Pictures, yes. Banana seat bicycles. no (too dangerous). Late bedtimes, no (we did not get to stay up until 9:30 to watch Col. Blake get killed on MASH--in SIXTH grade). Color TV, no (unless you count green and purple). Cable--what's that? And exactly how many times did you have to wash--with your own two hands, not using the new-fangled dishwasher--dishes?

Big Sis #1 (and I'm sure, Big Sis #2)

Mo said...

You forgot to mention that I got my ears pierced at age 10.

Anonymous said...

There is a man living in my house with hair that used to be black. After reading this entry,he said "Life is hard." And I got my ears pierced at age 63.

Signed,with love,
The Mom

sis-in-law said...

If it makes you feel any better, I did start a baby book for the wee one which I only kept up for the first 5 months or so and haven't updated in ages... and I feel crazy guilty about it. So am thinking that this was a wise choice indeed

Mo said...

The cold hard truth: When I was 7 months pregnant and my friend had a 4-month old, she told me she had found this great calendar with stickers that you can use instead of a baby book. "You can just use the stickers to note when he rolls over, or gets a tooth, or smiles! It's so much easier than a baby book!" I said, "Wow, great!" but I _thought_, "Now, why would I do that?"

Anonymous said...

It was a tuesday.

Big Sis #5 (aka kid #5)