Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not a morning person

When I am pulled suddenly from a deep sleep, I am not always thinking my best, most coherent thoughts. In fact, there is a story about my sleep-induced stupidity that is famous in the Grad Lab family which involves a window fan and a broken car horn. I may tell you about that some time, but today I’m writing about the most recent occurrence of my addled thought process.

Last night, Jack got up 150 times to eat. It is possible that I am exaggerating, but in any case, when he started whimpering at 5:30 this morning I was loathe to get out of bed for the 151st time. “But!” I thought to myself. “The Husband gets up at 6:00 anyway, so why don’t I just ask him to go feed Jack?”

I was seconds away from waking him up when I realized that, unless he had started lactating during the night, he wouldn’t be much help.

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maggie said...

You should have woken him up anyway. Just because. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.