Monday, February 26, 2007


Dear What Seems Like Every Driver In The World,

Please take the time to actually clean the snow off your car before you leave the house. (And by “house” I mean “place where you park your car.” I’m not asking you to clean the snow off without actually going outside. But if you know how to do that, email me.) Because although you can see if you clean only the windshield and the rear window, the snow and ice chunks hurtling off your roof at high speeds are sort of dangerous to the rest of us. And if I can not only clean my entire car but also shovel my whole driveway WITH AN INFANT STRAPPED TO MY BODY, you can certainly take an extra ten minutes in the morning yourselves.

Thank you.

Note: This entire entry was actually an excuse to brag about my amazingness at shoveling the driveway with the baby in the front carrier. Because that ain’t easy, folks. He’s HEAVY. But that doesn’t mean I'm not serious about clearing off your cars.

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