Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one?

“When I buy my food at the grocery store, I’d like to be able to buy a bottle of wine.”

So says the woman on the political ad for Question 1 on the ballot this year, which is whether we, Massachusetts voters, want to change the law and allow grocery stores to sell wine. There have been a series of fairly ridiculous scare ads that equate selling wine in grocery stores with pouring alcohol down the throats of minors and then giving them keys to the car, and there have been a few calm ads that claim the current law stifles competition.

I am going to vote “No” on Question 1. Not because I fear the sudden and dramatic increase in drunk driving that will automatically result from people’s being able to buy wine at the same time as their food, but because I am sort of opposed to competition that results in small independent stores going out of business. If I hadn’t already decided, however, the woman who’d like to buy wine at the grocery store would definitely impact my decision. She would convince me to vote “No.”

Whoever was responsible for casting this commercial should be fired, because the woman in the ad is unbelievably annoying. I am not merely disinclined to help her by voting “Yes” on Question 1. No, I find myself wanting to take an active role in making her life less convenient.

So… great job with that one, People Who Want Me To Vote “Yes.”


terri c said...

That DOES sound really, really annoying. I only wish I could relocate to your state and establish residency before the election so I could vote "no" as well.

Anonymous said...

So--I was going to leave that question blank because I could absolutely not care less where people buy wine, but you have a good point about the whole small business thing. So never let it be said you haven't influenced my political views

Anonymous said...

What is annoying is the fact that you fell for the small business nonsense. Most pacakge stores are not small businesses and question 1 will not impact underage drinking. It will force package store owners to markett to their customers and be more competitive on price. Wine with food makes sense. I am voting yes on 1