Friday, April 01, 2005

Appendix to the appendectomy

Don't you just love the title? I kill me.

So as a follow-up to my appendectomy story, I wanted to mention that I had a standard appendectomy, and not a laproscopic one. (Pause for gasps of shock and angry demands for answers.) Look, I don’t know why. Before the operation, my mom said on the phone that I would probably have a laproscopy, so my scar would be really small. So I was surprised to find a two inch long scar upon awakening from the anesthesia. But I assumed there was a reason for it. I was a little to groggy to think of reasonable questions right away, and then I just never asked. Possibly I was too preoccupied with finishing my thesis, planning my wedding, getting kicked out of my house, and subsequently moving three times. In three months. (Did I mention that I got kicked out of my house? Oh yeah. Two weeks after surgery, eight weeks before my wedding. Good times, good times. But it’s OK. I love a challenge.)

Had I realized that so many people would become outraged about my non-laproscopic surgery, I would have tracked down the head surgeon and demanded he explain, if only to appease them. Based on the reactions of my medical-type friends and relatives, I may as well have let the appendix burst rather than have a non-laproscopic operation. Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit, but honestly, my mom didn’t even believe me at first when I told her I had a two inch scar. And a few months ago, my new doctor saw the scar and could not believe her eyes! Why? Why didn’t they do a laproscopy? WHY?

Oh, and one other thing. If you have abdominal surgery, you probably should not carry an air conditioner downstairs three weeks later. Even a small one. Just a tip.

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