Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Doktah is actually quite smart

The Doktah and I were in the cave having lunch, and the conversation turned, as it so often does, to the insertion of foreign objects into one’s nose. I told her that I had heard that pediatricians have a special tool for removing things like beans and marbles from kids’ noses. The Doktah said that she didn’t see how these things could get stuck. “You could probably just blow it out again,” she said as she picked an olive pit from her Greek salad. Then she put it in her nose. Where it got stuck.


EditorKat said...

Has the Doktah met Terry?

Doktah said...

I must argue, in my defense, that the human nose is poorly designed when it comes to the insertion of small objects. Seriously, evolutionarily I'm a big fan of the human body. But the nose, come on. I admire its air-filtration, humidification and warming properties. But beyond that, I don't know. Don't get me started on mucous production. Apparently when I get sick my body thinks it's a good idea to generate massive amounts of mucous and have it all flow out of the poorly-designed shaft that is my nose.

Mo said...

Oh, sorry, Doktah. I forgot to say that you think the nose is poorly designed. But faithful readers of Grad Lab Adventures can look forward to more tales of The Doktah and her quest of experimental proof. We're talking San Francisco, here, Doktah.