Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How is everything?

The Doktah once came up with me on a visit to my parents’ house, and while we were in town, we went out to dinner with Sister #4 and Brother-in-law #4. The waitress took our drink orders, and everyone ordered a beer. But when she got to me, I ordered a 7&7. This is Seagram’s 7 Whiskey and 7-Up. Brother-in-law #4 was fairly startled, and still talks about it to this day. People are often surprised to learn that I like whiskey, I think for the same reason that people used to apologize for swearing around me. No one apologizes anymore, though. I blame The Doktah’s bad influence on my vocabulary.

After the waitress brought our food over, she came back for the requisite check-in to see if everything was all right. But I think this particular waitress was insecure, because instead of the standard, “How is everything?” we got, “How is everything – really good?” There was no real pause between the question and the answer she provided, so it was hard to do anything but agree.

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