Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can you see me now?

As you may be aware, we are remodeling our bathroom. And it’s taking slightly longer than we thought it would. Back before we started the demolition, The Husband kept telling me that it would take one week. Fortunately, I recognized that he was living in some sort of fantasy land, and knew it would take longer than that. At least three weeks, maybe four.

Oh, how young and naïve we all were.

At any rate, the walls first came down, you could see right into the bathroom from the kitchen and the dining room, because we knocked through the wall between the pantry and bathroom and the doorway between the pantry and kitchen had no actual door. So if you wanted to use the toilet in any kind of privacy, other people in the house had to retreat to the living room.

So one day my father-in-law was up helping out with the construction, and I had to use the bathroom. “No problem,” he said. “I have to go get something from the car anyway.” He headed out, and I pulled down my pants and sat down.

Unfortunately, he only got as far as the landing when his cell phone rang. He answered it, and as he was talking to the person on the other end, he started pacing back and forth. His mind was completely engrossed in the phone call, and he kept walking between the dining room, where he could see me on the toilet, and the landing, where he couldn’t. Meanwhile, I was trapped in a loop of pulling down my pants to sit down on the toilet and leaping up from the toilet and pulling my pants back up. Since he had said he was going to get something from the car, I kept thinking he was leaving when he walked out to the landing, but then back into the dining room he would come.

His phone call sounded important, so I didn’t want to interrupt, but after the seventh time he came back into the dining room, I was forced to call out, “You have to leave!” I finally heard him go down the stairs, and was able, at last, to pee in peace.


Doktah said...

Being neither pregnant nor remodeling a house, but having remembered the initial idea of this blog was to talk about grad school...

All I have to talk about is lost grad school adventures. We similarly had some remodels done to the lab while we were occupying it. Areas covered in ineffective plastic which people (for their own convenience) would traipse through. Contaminated samples. Sawing. Hammering. Dust. Allergies run amok. The unfortunate squirrel infestation. The laughs that we all shared when we were told that it would only take a few days. The weeks that rolled on.

I guess that I have just never heard anyone anywhere ever say "wow, that remodeling was so much easier, quicker and less expensive than we thought it would be!" and "I can't believe how little of a burden it was on our lives". Much like writing your first journal paper or your PhD dissertation. Yeah, you know it's going to suck. People tell you it's going to suck. You plan for it to suck. But it sucks so much more than you ever even thought sucking could suck. My apologies for the overuse of the word suck, but if you’ve done it, you know that there is no better word.

Mo said...

I think I did post about the lab construction a couple of times. And in my defense, I have changed the description of this blog to incorporate the decreasing frequency of grad school-related posts. I'm just plain running out of material!