Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This will not be a party.

Yesterday I was flipping through my sister’s copy of Child magazine. Such magazines are more interesting to me now than they were, say, six months ago. At any rate, there was an article about the new trend of having tons of people in the delivery room with you during the birth of your child. Apparently, it is becoming quite common for couples to invite friends and family to view the birth. These people can just wander in and out during your labor. One woman said that, because the crowd caused a bit too much confusion when her first baby was born, she assigned each person a job for the birth of her second. She gave the job of photographer to her father-in-law.

Her father-in-law.

Although she admitted that she felt a little weird upon seeing the graphic photos that her father-in-law took, overall she seemed quite happy with the way things went. She found the support from her friends and family a great help during labor.

Well, bully for her. It’s nice that there are people so comfortable with themselves in the world. But I can tell you, as much as I love my father-in-law, he will be nowhere near the delivery room when my turn comes, and certainly not with a camera. Shudder.


Doktah said...

I'm not sure I get the whole idea of pictures anyway. Yes, a child grows so quickly and it's wonderful to capture moments of their early days. But the "portal into the world" shots I feel are completely unnecessary. I may feel differently some day when I experience the miracle of life for myself. But until then, I'm sincerely unhappy with the whole let's-break-out-the-slide-show-of-the-baby's-birth-after-dinner-time. For the record NEVER serve jello fruit salad when showing pictures of a birth.

In my cynical way I see birth like a 10-hour greyhound bus ride to Disneyworld. It's uncomfortable and you get poked a lot. You're surrounded by strange people who yell weird stuff at you. Generally unpleasant. However, at the end, you're at Disneyworld and it's wonderful. I like to see pictures of Disneyworld. I like to pictures of babies. I have never seen pictures of someone's bus ride.

Mo said...

Very well put. Yes, I don't know that The Husband will be allowed to have a camera in the delivery room either. If we do have a camera there, the pictures will be up to the second stage of labor only, and then after with the baby. No third stage, eyes bugged out, sweaty, pushing shots of me, and LORD HELP ME no "graphic" shots of any kind.

Arwen said...

Ooooh, I feel exactly the same way about my father-in-law. He's a perfectly nice man but I would be very unhappy if he were anywhere in the vicinity when I was laboring/giving birth. That woman must have a very different relationship with her parents-in-law than most people have.

Mo said...

This is an exciting day for us at gradlabadventures, people, because Arwen is famous. Even Amalah reads Arwen's blog! And I feel a special bond to Arwen, even though I don't technically know her, because she is due 3 days after me.

AmyLew2 said...

Ive heard people say that having family in the labor and delivery room was important to them and that the family was very supportive, giving their husbands a break ect. I say: I dont get a break so hubby doesnt need one either. No one! I mean NO ONE who isnt married to me, therefore forced by threats of pain an punishment, proving the worse part of the vows, will see me squirming in pain, sweaty, bloody, and possibly pooping!
Funny thing is, I wouldnt mind being there for someone else at all. :) heh