Thursday, July 13, 2006

I still may just be fat

I’m six months along, but I’m still not showing in such a way that strangers feel comfortable asking when the baby is due. (In this day and age, people probably feel safest expressing surprise at the pregnancy while the woman is on the way to the hospital. “You’re in labor? Why, I didn’t even know you were pregnant!” they say to the woman with a belly that enters the room a full minute before she does.) What I’m wearing also makes a big difference; the looser shirts in particular hide where exactly the bulge is located and it is not clear at all that I am pregnant.

So, about a month ago two of my co-workers and I were having lunch, and one of them, who didn’t know I was pregnant, said he had lost 6 pounds in the past few weeks thanks to all the work he had been doing because he moved. The other co-worker, who did know I was pregnant, said, “That’s a coincidence, because Mo has probably gained 6 pounds in the past few weeks!”

Co-worker #1 sort of blanched, stared at me with a frightened expression, and said to co-worker #2, “Um, you’re not really supposed to make comments like that…”

It was pretty funny.

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Beth said...

He was right, though. You aren't supposed to say stuff like that, even if you ARE pregnant. No one likes to be reminded of how much weight they are gaining, regardless of the reason.