Friday, August 18, 2006

Next they’ll expect me to buy two pairs of pants

This week, I finally had to cave in and buy some new, bigger, maternity shirts. This is because, over the past two weeks or so, I have suddenly and alarmingly grown rather large. I am most definitely no longer at the “She may just be fat” stage. I am quite clearly pregnant. (I am still stubbornly refusing to buy new pants, insisting instead on spending the day hitching my pants back up. I will not cave! Until the pants actually fall off! This is partly because I am cheap, but mostly because finding maternity pants that fit is more painful even than finding regular pants that fit, and I just can’t deal with it.)

Anyway, I did find a bunch of shirts at Kohl’s that fit and were on clearance, so that was good. I didn’t find any fall shirts, though, because the new maternity shirts out for fall are all see through. I know! I’m already begrudgingly handing over money for shirts that I don’t really like that much that I will only be wearing for a few months, and now they want me to find a second shirt to wear underneath each one? Not that they had any handy, mind you. So even if I were willing to buy a see-through maternity shirt with a matching maternity tank top or camisole, they didn’t have any maternity tank tops or camisoles. Just see-through shirts.

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