Monday, August 07, 2006

Solid cherry

So it turns out the “kitchenette” was not an island, but a set of counters appropriate for our pantry/sink area. The carpenter, upon seeing that we had already bought the Formica countertop and are using our old cabinets, cleverly resized to fit by The Husband (but it was totally my idea to cut the double cabinet unit in half so we could fit the dishwasher and maximize cabinet space), decided not to even bother showing us the picture of the kitchenette. Which is apparently made of solid cherry, so there is no way we’d be able to afford it. Do you have any idea how much solid cherry cabinets would cost? I’ll tell you how much. TOO MUCH. We once saw a tiny nightstand made of solid cherry for $600! On sale!

Still, I’m not knocking our carpenter, who is hardworking and fast and doing us a favor by working on our remodel. And also, he actually offered to give, not sell, us that piece of granite for our countertop, so he really is trying to help us out. But still. Solid cherry.


maggie said...

OMG. This is why my husband and I are never ever going to move out of our teeny tiny [brand new and perfect] townhouse, because to buy a REAL house in this city means REMODELING and noooooo I can barely READ about remodeling. GAH. Go you and your peel 'n stick tiles!

Mo said...

Under no circumstances should anyone ever remodel the bathroom. If you absolutely MUST remodel the bathroom, plan to have tons of money and stay in a hotel for the duration.