Saturday, November 10, 2007

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Dear Jack,

Every single morning for your entire life, you have started the day by getting your pants changed and THEN having some milk. Every morning! You always get the milk. Have we ever denied you the milk?

So why, then, do you insist upon moaning and wailing and gnashing your teeth as though waiting two extra minutes for the milk is causing you to waste away before our very eyes?

Mama (the one with the milk)

PS While I have your attention, if you don't want the banana disks I offer you, there is no need to snatch them up and throw them on the floor. Just don't take the banana disks! You're killing me!


Arwen said...

Ah, yes, the food throwing. Every morning I give Milla a nice high-chair-tray full of Cheerios, and every morning at least half of them end up on the floor. Sometimes I leave them there so she can snack on them throughout the day. Probably wouldn't work with banana, though.

Becca said...

Do we have the same child? Mine likes to throw things next to his high chair and then wait for our dog to come get them. Sometimes he feeds our dog by hand!

Anonymous said...

Does your child also wait until the dog is directly underneath the high chair so that he can drop his sippy cup on his head? No? Only my kid? Well. Huh.