Saturday, November 17, 2007

One legged pants

This post is only being posted because I made the insane commitment to NanoBlo... blog every day this month. See, I spent the day today purchasing an outfit for Thanksgiving as I thought it might be nice to wear something that fit next Thursday. And then I spent the evening mildly panicking about the fact that we are hosting our family Thanksgiving and approximately 30 people are coming to my house next week to eat roast turkey which neither The Husband nor I has ever cooked before. Fortunately, these people are all related to me and must therefore love me even if the turkey is dry. And now I have to finish I still haven't finished hemming my new jeans. (The first leg came out pretty good; it is a nice straight, tiny stitch for awhile, and then it goes a little wonky. Apparently, I had enough energy only for 7/8 around.)

Check back tomorrow; maybe I'll think of something by then.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Take them to the cleaners. Even with one leg done.
sis 4

Dr. Maureen said...

No! I don't care if it takes me three weeks, I'm finishing this.