Friday, November 02, 2007


So. Jack turned one last Wednesday. I made a little movie about it, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

What I’m trying, but failing to do here, is segue smoothly into mentioning that my video was Dosed by Amalah. For those of you unaware of who Amalah is, trust me when I tell you that this was big deal. Very big. I checked my stats about every 30 seconds after she dosed me, and by the day’s end, I had easily tentupled my average daily pageloads. Tentupled! And that’s not even a real word! I’m still kind of reeling from the excitement of it all.

But what’s that you say? I haven’t told you anything about Jack’s birthday party? Let me remedy that immediately.

It was a low-key party. Just my and The Husband’s immediate families and their children came, so there were only about 30 people. You know, just a small gathering. The theme of the party was “Hey! Let’s all have some cake!” Plus hats.

Jack got to experience a few new things as well, and based on his newfound love of potato chips, pizza, cake and ice cream, I think we can all rest assured that he is truly my son.

Why have you kept pizza from me for so long?

I made two cakes because 30 people eat more than one cake, especially when those 30 people are from my family. We are a dessert people. When my mother-in-law saw the layer cake, she asked, quite innocently, “What kind of frosting is that with the brown speckles in it?” Sadly, that frosting was plain vanilla with pieces of ripped up chocolate cake spread throughout. Tell me, internet, what is the secret to frosting a cake so that it does not get all torn up? I always thought this problem was due to my not letting the cake cool properly, but I baked the cakes on Friday night and didn’t frost them till Saturday morning, so I’m at a loss.

Nevertheless, the layer cake appeared to be a success.

What is this you are bringing to me?

I find it to be acceptable.

Yes! Let's all have some cake!

The party was not actually Jack’s first taste of ice cream, but it was the first time he got to do this with it:

Ice cream is a very complex fluid you know. I believe it is non-Newtonian.

Everyone was very generous, and Jack received some lovely presents. Big Sister #2, for example, bought him two books, one of which was the same book she bought him for his baptism*. It is a really good book, though. His paternal grandparents, in typical fashion, bought him about fifty gazillion things. He hasn’t had a chance to play with all of them yet, but he certainly enjoys being pulled around in the sled. He equally enjoys the two corn popper push toys he got. He doesn’t push them, though, he just likes to stand them up so they balance. He also got a toy drill that talks, and he wants to like it, but he really prefers that someone else hold it while it’s making all that noise.

But mostly, he likes to carry around his socks from one room to another. Or a wooden spoon.

Wooden spoons rock.

*This incident reminded Big Sister #1 of the year she bought Big Sister #3 the People MagazinePeople, board game. It was a perfect gift in theory, because Big Sister #3's idea of nirvana is a Diet Coke, a People, and E! on in the background. Unfortunately, we discovered that the game was really awful when we tried to play it, and we never tried again. That’s probably why Big Sister #1 forgot about it and bought it for her again the next year.


Jennifer said...

Seriously!? Mentioned at Mom's Daily Dose!? I'm officially jealous!

Happy birthday to your boy! Found you through NaBloPoMo!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even tell you how much I am loving your new photo freedom. I can see Jack all the time now! WIthout going to Flickr! RIGHT HERE ON YOUR WEBSITE.

Also, yes. Yes you are SKINNY. And without even trying. I wish I could hate you but I just love you too much.

Becca said...

Hahaha, ice cream as a non-Newtonian fluid. We should be friends. I have the same problem with cakes and frosting. I call it "the homemade look."

Salome Ellen said...

Two words - "crumb coat". Frost the cake thinly, little brown specks and all. Then LET IT SET until the crumb coat is hard, and frost again. Of course this takes both time and patience :-D

Tracy said...

love the movie, kind of envy the dosed, but then again I might freak out if my stats climbed that much, and love the cake/ice cream shots.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jack! Maureen, I love the video. Very touching.