Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of clocks and snakes and zombies

Today Jack and I went to The Christmas Tree Shop to buy some Thanksgiving decorations, and there was a display of about twenty or thirty clocks on the wall. Knowing his love for clocks, I turned the cart around so he could see them and said, “Look, Jack! Clocks!”

He looked at the clocks, and then turned back to me with an expression that clearly said, “And your point is?” I shrugged and we headed off to the registers which were located in front of the store’s own clock, a sad solitary, lonely one on the wall. And what do you think I heard but an excited “Cok!” complete with vigorous pointing.

Jack has also been saying “cok” every time the clock in the dining room chimes for many days now, but it was not until dinner tonight that I realized he is also humming the chime song. I will pause now while the adorableness of that sinks in.

In other news, yesterday I taught him what Eskimo kisses are and he gave them to me all day whenever I asked. Tragically, he won’t any more. I think I wore it out. He also now knows what snakes and gorillas say, so I can add those to the list.

I’m really enjoying Jack’s newfound communication skills. He quite clearly understands the bulk of what we say to him; we have had to spell “cookie” for weeks now. When I call his name after he’s been quiet for awhile, he toddles over and looks at me as if to say, “Yeah?” The other night, The Husband told him to go get his blanket and come over to him, and he did! And at dinner we had an entire conversation about the clock and how it chimes. Granted, the conversation was basically, “Clock! Doo doo doo dooo! Clock!” but still. It was a conversation. He’s like an actual person now!

Next up: What a zombie says. (Braainnnssss!)

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