Monday, November 05, 2007

(Insert clever title here)

Tonight I went to a Tae Kwon Do class for the first time in over four years.


The Husband and I used to practice Tae Kwon Do; we’re both blue belts, but I’ll be honest, he could wipe the floor with me. (I win at air hockey though, lest you forget.) He used to take classes at a studio in the town where he lived, and I practiced with a club at the university. My classes were free. Sadly, we had to stop when we got married because we couldn’t afford to pay for both of us to go to classes. We miss it.

So last week I decided to call the academy near our house to find out how much the classes cost. The master didn’t tell me, though; instead he offered to let us each take a class and see how we like it. And that brings us to the reason I’m typing this incredibly dull entry whilst lying on the couch nursing my aching back. I went to my free class tonight, and I loved it, but four years off from TKD didn’t do me any favors.

Unfortunately, The Husband and I realized when I got home from class that this is not going to work, not if we hope to see each other for more than fifteen minutes a day. So when we finally discover that the classes will be too expensive for us, it will not be a terrible blow.


Becca said...

Is fitness that thing you have time for after graduate school? Because I get sore after carrying the groceries up the stairs.

Anonymous said...

The clever title should be: A PhD AND a Blue Belt!

Dr. Maureen said...

I had TONS of time for fitness immediately after grad school what with the unemployment and all, but I actually did TKD while still in school. It helped that the club met right on campus. And you know what also helped? I didn't have a one year old baby at home. Honestly, you have my utmost respect. And my husband's. I have no idea how you are managing to do what you are doing!