Thursday, September 28, 2006

At least it’s not tight in the back

Yesterday I wore one of the new, gigantic (size XL-maternity) shirts that I bought last weekend. It was a loose blouse, and I was a little concerned that I would look really sloppy, as my style tends towards more fitted clothes as opposed to baggy stuff. So after I put it on, I asked The Husband, “Does this look too tenty?” I was remembering the days when I first tried to wear a maternity t-shirt, and it just hung out on all sides like a tent.

The Husband regarded me with pity, trying to work out the best way to phrase his response. Looking down, I realized why. “Oh. It’s not tenty at all, is it. It is actually skimming my belly,” I sighed.

And that t-shirt that used to be way too big?

It’s too small.


Anonymous said...

dude, A BABY IS COMING TO LIVE WITH YOU. as dave would say, "woah."


Jennifer said...

We want to see a picture of you and your big belly!!!