Monday, September 04, 2006

I am in love with the Tile Man

The floor! The tiles! They are installed!

This was the best Labor Day weekend ever. I got to go hang out at my parents’ house where my only chore was to wash and fold laundry while The Husband spent Saturday in the pantry and finished drywalling it. Then he made daily trips home to make sure the Tile Man could get in and work his magic, and The Husband used the time to finish up the electrical work and sand the new pantry walls. Meanwhile, I napped.

Listen, it’s very hard work to grow an entirely new person. It must be, because I have been exhausted. And I couldn’t be expected to stay at home with The Husband because the toilet had to be removed for three days until the grout set. You can’t ask a seven-month pregnant woman to spend a day in a house with no toilet.

And now I am home and the bathroom floor is installed and the shower tiles are set and THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. OK, sure, yes, there’s still no bathroom sink, no shower head, and we can’t take a bath till tomorrow night to make sure the grout is completely set. But these are mere trifles. We are so close to being finished. We just have to prime and paint the walls, get the plumbing finished up and seal the grout. Then we can move back the washing machine and brush our teeth in the bathroom like normal people!

The Tile Man and I will be very happy here.

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Mo said...

I just reread this post and feel I should clarify: We don't plan to brush our teeth in the washing machine. I meant that we will move the washing machine into the bathromm and also install the bathroom sink, which is where we will brush our teeth.