Thursday, September 07, 2006

I’m equally wide in both the x and y directions; just call it r

Because we have had to prepare the nursery while simultaneously undergoing The Bathroom Remodel That Will Never End, we have a lot of furniture strewn haphazardly about the apartment. For example, we had to move the filing cabinets out of the nursery, but we can’t yet put them in the landing-as-office area because the bathroom vanity and various other bathroom supplies are currently occupying most of the landing area. So The Husband put the filing cabinets in the dining room, taking care to space them so that there would be a path to allow us access to the china closet as well as space to open the drawers of both of them.

What I discovered last night, however, is that while there is plenty of room for The Husband to squeeze by the filing cabinets, I don’t fit. I tried to walk forwards down the “path,” between the first filing cabinet and the radiator, but the space is just about the exact same width as my hips, perhaps a touch thinner, so I can’t make it. So I turned sideways and tried to fit what used to be the thin direction of my body, but the path is pretty much the same width as my body in that direction as well.

Apparently, I am cylindrical.

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