Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ha ha ha… wait, not so funny

The first year of grad school is a bonding experience for students, much like the bonding soldiers go through during combat, but with less violence. As such, the occasional practical joke may get played. The Doktah found this out the hard way.

Since we didn’t yet have advisors or offices with computers, we had to use the computer lab with the rest of the riff-raff. After a long session working on one of the final homework assignments for our first semester in grad school, The Doktah accidentally left the computer lab without logging off of the computer. Crazy Secretive Guy and Former Housemate (of mine) noticed this, and instead of simply logging her off, they decided to play a little joke. They moved all of her files into a folder labeled “Deleted” and left her a message that said, “We have deleted all of your files! Ha ha ha!”

Neither Crazy Secretive Guy nor Former Housemate meant any harm by this joke. They only meant to give The Doktah a brief scare when she logged into her account and all her files appeared to be erased. They thought she would quickly see the one remaining “Deleted” folder, open it, and find her semester’s worth of work. Sadly, the luck of The Doktah reared its ugly head, and her files, they were corrupted.

All of her work for the entire semester. Corrupted.

It was a freak accident, yes, and Crazy Secretive Guy and Former Housemate felt really awful. But the moral here is that you shouldn’t mess with other people’s electronic data. You never know what will happen.

Much better was the joke I played on The Doktah after she had been working on a presentation until the wee small hours. I opened her talk and added a graphic to the title slide that said:

Now that, my friends, is comedy gold.

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