Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Bathroom Remodel: Before Pictures

Bathroom Before:
This may well answer the question “Why on earth did you start a major home renovation project while pregnant?” Answer? “Because the bathroom was nasty, disgusting, gross, and could not possibly be expected to get a baby clean. Also there was a leak.”

Bathroom sink before:
The guy who lived in our apartment before us installed a soap dispenser. Because, when you have about 4 square inches of surface space in a bathroom, what you really want to do is use up half of it with an ugly soap dispenser. And then you want to make sure you never clean it so as to maximize the soap scum effect.

Pantry Before:

The before pictures were taken before we actually moved in, so they do not include the washer and dryer which didn’t technically fit in the pantry and were therefore awkwardly placed. So the pantry we were actually living with was, amazing as it is to believe, worse than indicated by the picture. I have attempted to demonstrate this in the following, digitally altered photo. It’s extremely high tech.

The washer and dryer were placed such that we could not access the last two cabinets in the pantry, because our washer and dryer are huge. But the washer generates its own electricity as it spins, so we will not hear a word against them. And no, we couldn’t place them side-by-side because the washer hookups were too far from the dryer plug, and it costs $400 to have an electrician move the dryer plug. There was no point at that time.

So. That was “Before.”

“During” is on the way.


Stacy said...

Why do pregnant ladies always get involved in major rennovations?

Maybe it's the hormones.

maggie said...

My best friend, due in one week, started a kitchen remodel at 5 months and still has plywood for kitchen counters and a refrigerator in the living room. I still cannot grasp what she was thinking. But after seeing your lovely soap dispenser, the awkwardly placed appliances and the mysterious grout stuff, I have gained sympathy and understanding. Remodel away!

Emily said...

I'm dying to see the after. Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry.

Also, soap dispenser? The only good thing about it is that I guess the last tenant washed his hands often.

Mo said...

Noooo... not necessarily. It was empty and, naturally, gross and cruddy. Who knows the last time he refilled it? The previous tenant was not the cleanest guy around. He had a cat, and he moved the cat's food bowl aroun, so there was dried cat food encrusted on much of the kitchen baseboards. The rugs were the most disgusting things you ever saw - if I had ever considered getting a pet, I no longer do. There was a "crunchy" spot on the rug in the bedroom. Trust me, you don't want to accidentally touch the crunchy spot with bare feet. Lastly, he apparently cooked via the time honored method of throwing grease at the walls. There was even grease on the bathroom walls.

Anonymous said...

oo, oo pictures good! Me like the pictures! I'm really glad you posted some pics, because I thought the pantry was, like, the space near the attic steps, and so I was very confused. Keep up the good pics! --high school tennis pal

Mo said...

Ah, you are thinking of the other pantry. Yes, we have two pantries. It's a little odd. The one by the attic stairs is a more traditional storage-only pantry; the one undergoing renovation has the kitchen sink. Which, we have learned, technically makes it the kitchen, even though the stove is not in there.