Friday, September 08, 2006

Wait, paint has to dry?

Man! Were we ever excited! The plumbers were scheduled to come on Monday which meant we could shower by Monday night. It meant the bathroom would be pretty much done save the inspections! Except, wait, the walls aren’t painted. And the woodwork is not yet all installed. And the grout has not yet been sealed. But no problem! We still have the weekend! We have time! Right?

Well, let’s see. We have to mud the walls one last time, and that takes 24 hours to dry. And although we can prime everything at once, primer takes 2 hours to dry. And we can’t paint the walls and ceiling at the same time because they are different colors and we will have to tape off the edges, so we’ll have to wait till the paint dries. And each coat of paint takes 2 hours to dry. And we don’t want the plumbers to be walking around in their dirty, filthy shoes before we can seal the grout against staining, and that needs three coats, which each take 3 hours to dry. And of course, we still need to install woodwork around the window and the molding on top of the baseboards. And then paint all the trim. Two coats, 2 hours to dry each.

So, let’s see. Today is Friday and the plumbers are supposed to come on Monday. The total number of hours we will have to wait around while stuff dries is… carry the 2…


Now, sure, we could paint the walls and install the rest of the molding after the plumbers come, but that would mean we’d have to move the vanity in and out of place in order to reach behind it. And sure, we could pull a Trading Spaces and stay up all night painting, but that’s not going to happen. It sounds like it would be more efficient, but it actually wouldn’t be because it’s not more efficient to have two overtired people, one of whom is 7 months pregnant, kill each other in a hysterical fight over the correct amount of texturizing sand to add to the ceiling paint.

If our birthing class hadn’t started last night, we could have mudded the walls already, but the Bathroom Remodel is not the only major life event going on right now. And if The Husband weren’t so incredibly lazy that he actually dared to take a night off from working on the Bathroom Remodel on Tuesday, we’d be a day ahead. I mean, who does he think he is? What, he’s too good to work 90 hours a week? While I nap?

Our only choice was to reschedule the plumbers. Sadly, they were booked until a week from Tuesday.

Well played, Bathroom Remodel. You win this time.

But we will triumph in the end.


maggie said...

Holy crap. Just READING about it makes me want to cry. And what is it about being pregnant that compels people to start remodeling projects? HMM?

Mo said...

I know, Emily at is redoing her bathroom too, and we have the same due date. But even though she started weeks and weeks after we did, she's totally going to be done before us and then I will have to find and kill her. Nothing personal, of course.

Anonymous said...


Still following your adventures.

What's missing? Photos! Let's see that beautiful tile! Let's see "mudding" the walls (is your bathroom to be a sun-baked hut?)!

High school tennis partner

Mo said...

Pictures will come. I have been planning on posting all of them at once for the full impact of the before and after, but we're not done yet. Also, "mudding" is when you put a joint compound, which is a sort of pasty muddy plaster, over the screw holes and spaces between the sheets of drywall.