Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monkey on my back

Oh, sweet Internet, promise never to leave me like that again! I apologize to all for the lack of updates. It figures that just when I was starting to build a fanbase of 3-4 people, my home internet connection would go down. And then I was home sick yesterday, still with no internet connection. And then I was back at work today, but Gmail and Blogger were down all day! So that means I've been out of touch with the Internet for four days! Oh the humanity!

Anyway, check back tomorrow night. I will have pictures posted by then. (They may be posted by tonight, but I can't promise.) And they are exciting pictures, let me tell you. Yes, it was a big, big weekend over at the Grad Lab Adventures household. It turns out that The Husband was right: My surprise was not a thing, but it was oh so much bigger than a breadbox!

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